personal facts:

Tobias Eble – Photographer & Webdesigner


Born in the glorius summer of love in 1967 i was raised in munich.

I got my first camera, which was a Kodak box cam, when i was a child of 4 years. The  Zoo in our neigbourhood was the place where i took my first pictures. I still have some of the neagtives in my Archiv and i still love to go to the zoo and take pictures there.

From that point on it was somehow already in my brain to do this as a profession later on.

From my granddma i became an Abbonement of National Geographics when i was ten years old and reading all the beautiful pictures and well rechered worldwide reportages over the years even improved my wish much further.

Later at school i did classes in Black & White photography and entered the foto club. After school i assisted several international working phtotographers for a time of about 5 Years. As photography changed into digital more and more i was going back to school for a webdesign excam, to learn how to use the internet for my profession.

I started my own buisiness in the middle of the ninetees and today i am shooting corporate events, people and sports as a main activity.

Nevertheless photography was and is a live spanning passion for me so i as well love to shoot landscapes, travels, Nature., having now a picturestock of 60.000 pictures online.

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